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BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
The University of Wisconsin

University of Wisconsin Testimonials

"It is great to have these shows on campus to see new products and meet new representatives. Our lab is not looking for new equipment at this time, but I met with some representatives to get an idea of other purchases we could make in the future. One of the best experiences was talking with Rainin, since we have their pipettes in lab, about their servicing of pipettes since we currently use an outside company. I will definitely be attending events of this sort in the future." - L. W., University of Wisconsin BCI event

Researchers: Attend Madison Event

"I came to see products, especially fitter tips, and I received a lot of great samples and promo codes!" - M. D., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I came to see the newest products and best deals on everything that my lab and I use. Once again, I will probably help make purchasing decisions based on what I saw." - M. N., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I visited w/Enzo, Life Tech, UW Genome Center, IDT, RPI... I like being able to speak with all the vendors in one location... This is the best product show all year on campus." - A. E., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I came to see the new products that are trending in the present market. I also wanted to ask some questions related to cloning. Vector build.com caught my eye and helped answer my questions with the cloning stuff. Evos Microscope from Life Technologies also caught my eye." - P. Y., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I liked the setup of exhibits and the space allowed. Exhibit staff were very helpful and friendly upon entering and exiting. I am the lead technician for the UW-SDRC and several companies were helpful with products that I will need in the future such as reprogramming iPSC's and electroporation of primary cells." - M. S., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I attend to look for great deals and to meet scientific sales people. I found several helpful for my research: Eppendorf, Thermo, and ARK. I found it very helpful to see all the new products and great deals and meet with friendly and awesome sales people. I've been here every year for the last 4 years - I'll definitely be recommending purchases to the lab. This is a great and well organized product show. I make it a point to come every year!" - A. J., University of Wisconsin BCI event



"I've been attending the show for 10+ years and every year I learn more about how the products displayed can be used to help my colleagues and I advance our research mission. The show never disappoints and the time spent attending is time well spent. As the focus of our research changes, the needs of our lab change, and seeing what's new and available in one place saves us time. Thanks for a great show." - D. A., University of Wisconsin BCI event


University of Wisconsin, Madison

"It was very helpful to look at the products and reagents and see them on site. This will help me order products in the future. Also, I now know reps from companies to talk to when I have questions about the product. I'm looking forward to attending another product faires in the future. Life technologies was especially helpful, since I use their products all the time." - C. K., University of Wisconsin BCI event

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"This was my first time attending a BioResearch Product Faire, and I had a great time! I work in a yeast lab and chatted with IDT about their gBlocks, Enzo about their ELISA smartphone app, RPI about their powdered growth media (and super awesome black nitrile gloves), and many more. Although I was looking for things relevant to my specific research, I saw vendors and products relevant to pretty much any area of research I could think of." - D. D., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I was interested in the Cardio Vascular Physiology Core facility as I am the new program manager for the UWSDRC (Skin diseases research center). I am looking for opportunities to do outreach for our service cores and I was impressed with their pamphlet, her booth gave me ideas for marketing our own services on campus and I'd love to connect with Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. to have a booth in the future. Please contact me to discuss further. Thank you!" - H. S., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I learned how I can image my micro and print the culture at the same time from Life Technologies.  From Zymo Research, I found a kit I can use for many stand BioQsy using a quick RNA mini prep. From Sarstedt, I found good bargains for pcr p/up kits. The staff for the faire were very friendly and this was a good use of my time." - U. F., University of Wisconsin BCI event


"I love this show in that there is a number of vendors in one place where I can ask questions & get answers right off the bat. At this show, IDT was very helpful with our Gene Block issues. BioRad informed us of a new way to do IP's and we will get the starter pack to try it out." - S. A., University of Wisconsin BCI event

Demonstrate Your Research Products at this Wisconsin Event

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at the University of Wisconsin attracted 287 attendees. Of these attendees, 53 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 33 were lab managers. These attendees came from 39 different research buildings and 47 on-campus departments.


Network with, and showcase your products to, active researchers at the University of Wisconsin by joining us at our upcoming BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at UWisc.

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