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BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
USC Health Science Campus

University of Southern California Researcher Testimonials

"The show was interesting. The people at various booths were very knowledgeable and helpful. I hope that they will follow up with our questions and requests." - M. C., University of Southern California BCI event

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"This vendor show was very helpful. I got great advice from representatives. I also received useful information about products I use regularly in the lab, for example antibodies and general lab reagents. All representatives were friendly and knowledgeable. I especially appreciate the registration crew, they were amazing!" - E. T., University of Southern California BCI event


"This is the best vendor show I have attended at USC. When I decided to come to this event, I came here for the food. But I am glad to see new technology, products, and services available to us. I really enjoyed learning about services provided by Aviva, and was surprised to see Sony in the cell sorting business and learned that we can use morpholino in mammalian systems." - R. W., University of Southern California BCI event


"This show was so much fun. I am a new masters student and I had no idea about almost everything happening here. After coming here though, I now have so much information. I am flooded with the different companies offering all the needed stuff for my lab!! I am definitely going to make use of this information and recommend this to my PI so that we can have better equipment, chemicals, and assays in our lab. Lastly, it was overall a wonderful experience and had tasty food. Glad I made it here!" - A. S., University of Southern California BCI event


"This is the second time I've attended Biotech Calendar, Inc.'s vendor show and I can't stress enough how fantastic it is. The show is managed very well and the good food and prizes are a plus. I've attended other shows but what separates this company from others is how disciplined and courteous they are. Plus the vendors with this company are good at following up with me if I have a query whereas I don't see it happening with some of the vendors at the other shows. I would definitely recommend others to attend the show next time it happens and I wish that Biotech Calendar, Inc. would have more vendor shows/fairs at USC." - M. S., University of Southern California BCI event


"The vendor show was well organized. My co-workers and I appreciated the wide variety of refreshments. We left with a lot of good information." - J. A., University of Southern California BCI event


"I really enjoyed how kind everyone was. I appreciated that everyone was excited to share their current research with us. Due to that, I am equally excited! I also like that we got a free mini kit of a New England Bio product. The fact that we are one of the first to try it makes the advancements in science so intriguing. Thank you for taking time to share all that is current. Also, thanks to the guy that took my questions so seriously about an antibody I am trying to use!" - V. D., University of Southern California BCI event


"I was very interested in the new technology that was displayed at this show, such as the small confocal microscope. As someone who is doing imaging, I was pleased to see such a smaller microscope at a lower price point. Also, other common lab equipment and supplies are always good to compare prices on." - M. S., University of Southern California BCI event

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University of Southern California Exhibitor Testimonials

"This show exceeded my expectations - attendance wise.  Good turnout which will hopefully result in quality leads. The venue was easy to find, plus on site staff were courteous and helpful. Kudos to the team!" - S. C., Exhibitor, University of Southern California BCI event

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"I had a great show! Lots of purchasers came through, not just grad students.  My location was perfect for the show, and the staff was extremely helpful and professional as always. I would highly recommend this show & will attend future shows here." - A. L., Exhibitor, University of Southern California BCI event


"I couldn't be happier with the set up and execution of the shows today and yesterday. It was clear how much marketing went into this event. In particular, David and Morgan, have been incredible." - A. M., University of Southern California BCI event

Showcase Your Products and Stretch Your Marketing Budgets

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Events at the University of Southern California attracted a total of 554 attendees between both events. Of these attendees, 107 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 75 were lab managers. These attendees came from 27 different research buildings and 36 on-campus departments.


This is your opportunity to meet with researchers at this well-funded institution.

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