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 BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
The University of Georgia, Athens

University of Georgia Researcher Testimonials

"This event is a great way to acquaint yourself with some of the companies and products that make daily lab work possible. It is also a good way to discover new products or services from some familiar faces in local science businesses" - G. E., University of Georgia BCI event

Researchers:  Attend UGA Event

"I like the vendor show very much because it educates me about the latest technology in the market and I meet new and old company reps to do business with for my lab. Also, I get free samples and gifts and food!" - K. A., University of Georgia BCI event


"Here as a grad student - going to bring my whole lab next time. Product demos were top notch and all vendors were knowledgeable and approachable." - J. O., University of Georgia BCI event


"It was extremely nice to see the advances made in the scientific community and the new products available. I enjoyed visiting with vendors and learning about the products they have available and hope to make purchases from them in the near future" - B. L., University of Georgia BCI event

"I am a frequent attendee of ALL product shows. This one was very comprehensive in its scope." - B. A., University of Georgia BCI event


"I really enjoyed visiting with vendors of the products and services we will be using for my lab. Particularly, Roboz stall was the most interesting for our program. We plan to use some of the instruments displayed at the exhibit & this exhibit was very useful and provided us an opportunity to see the instrument before purchasing. More such exhibits will be helpful. Thanks for organizing this event." - A. S., University of Georgia BCI event


"This exhibition is good to get information about lab items/instruments. I work on insects and disection of insects is my frequent task. I find some stalls extremely useful to find the scissors/fine forceps that meet my requirements. Other stalls are useful too as we can contact them and actually get some discount when we order items that we need." - B. G., University of Georgia BCI event


University of Georgia, Athens


University of Georgia Exhibitor Testimonials


“The BCI event at the University of Georgia offers our company a great opportunity to interact with potential customers and generate sales leads. After seeing the results from our first time exhibiting, we have been back every year and plan on continuing to attend.” - D. P., Exhibitor, University of Georgia BCI event


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“We had 63 folks talk to us this show - very successful. The BioResearch Product Faire was a well-executed success." - J. M., Exhibitor, University of Georgia BCI event

Demonstrate Your Research Products at this Georgia Event

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at The University of Georgia, Athens attracted 159 attendees. Of these attendees, 44 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 19 were lab managers. These attendees came from 21 different research buildings and 34 on-campus departments. 

We invite you to be a part of this thriving research market and participate in our annual BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at UGA. 

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