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BioResearch Product Faire™ Front Line™ Event at
UC Santa Barbara

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UC Santa Barbara will be conducting lineal trials for a new drug to prevent Alzheimer's with the support of $100 million over a five year period. 

Key Stats

  • Researchers at UCSB received $162.6 million in direct and indirect federal funding in the 2013-2014 fiscal year.
  • The NIH awarded UCSB researchers a 5-year, $4.5 million grant for a study titled "Ambulatory Artificial Pancreas: Merging Physiology, Behavior, and Controldesign". 
  • The NIH awarded UCSB researchers a grant of $2.27 million over 5 years to study neurodegenerative diseases.

Demonstrate Your Research Products at the UC Santa Barbara Event

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Front Line™ Event at UC Santa Barbara attracted 52 attendees. Of these attendees, 20 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 10 were lab managers. These attendees came from 13 different research buildings and 14 on-campus departments.

The University of California Santa Barbara has opened its Center for Stem Cell Biology and Engineering, the final stem cell research facility funded by the state stem cell agency. The agency gave $3.2 million, which was matched by $3.2 million from the university to renovate the existing laboratory space into a state-of-the-art stem cell research facility.

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