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The BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
UC Riverside 

UC Riverside Testimonials

"I have attended approximately 5 BioResearch faires at UCR,and this may be my most successful in terms of making connections with vendors. The main function of this faire for me was to learn about the different products that are available for research. I found highly useful and innovative products from Zymo, Eppendorf, Goldbio, Fine Science Tools, Miltenyi and Sarstedt. Although I do not do have final ordering power, I choose the vendors and products that are later approved by my PI. Thus, today was very influential for our lab and my continuing and future (read Post-Doc, etc.) research. I am very grateful for these opportunities to physically interact and test out cutting edge technology and lab products with a human element to guide me through the product inventories. The staff were very helpful and friendly as well." - S. C., University of California Riverside BCI event


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"There are many good and new companies showing up which actually brings many products our lab is interested in. Also samples I got from them are very useful for current and upcoming experiments I'm planning to do. Thanks!!" - X. L., University of California Riverside BCI event


"As a graduate student working on my Ph.D., it is very difficult to sometimes find ways to answer a research question. I work with tobacco producers and tobacco related products and because of the nature of the products, it is sometimes difficult to study the smoke. These vendor fairs always bring together the best vendors that are always eager to help. My lab works a lot with cell culture and are always able to get expert help with antibodies selection, protein array kits, DNA analyses kits. This helps us to determine the genotoxicity of tobacco products and tobacco related products. This vendor show also always brings vendors for the top of the line equipment like pipettes and that helps a lot during long hours of pipetting. I always enjoy these shows because the vendors are so friendly and as mentioned before, eager to help, think is wonderful and it gets me out of the lab !!! :) I'll miss them once I graduate. Keep up the great work!" - M. W., University of California Riverside BCI event

"BioResearch Product Faire is a great opportunity to meet the sales reps for our area and to get samples of new products that companies are promoting." - S. A., University of California Riverside BCI event


Get a Foothold into UC Riverside's Expanding Campus

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ event at UC Riverside attracted 257 attendees. Of these attendees, 55 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 31 were lab managers. These attendees came from 21 different research buildings and 25 on-campus departments.

Connect with Southern California researchers by showcasing your laboratory products at this Riverside event.

UC Riverside


"This Biotech fair was fantastic. The vendors not only have a deep knowledge of their products, but they are sincerely interested about the people who approach their booth. I will look forward to attending this fair again! I made great contacts with some vendors and they will be the first people I call the next time I need supplies!
Plus, the food is reason enough to attend! You guys rock!" - M. S., University of California Riverside BCI event

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"This is a great place to check out latest products that may help my research.  Usually we get better prices from the reps here at the show. I like the food and samples and gifts also." - K. L., University of California Riverside BCI event


"As always, a great event!" - O. C., University of California Riverside BCI event


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