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BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
The University of Arizona

University of
Arizona Testimonials

"I went to the BioResearch Product Faire to see what new products and equipment the companies in my field had to offer. I was excited by new products from IDT. It's good for me to know about new services and products. I'm a customer of IDT, so I like to keep in touch with this company. Thank you for organizing this event at the UofA. It was great." - A. B., University of Arizona BCI event

Researchers: Attend  Tuscon Event

"I liked the info I got from the EM facility on campus, and also the info about cancer detection equipment." - L. J., University of Arizona BCI event


"I really liked that the vendors were receptive and had ample information. Food was delicious." - T. Y.,& University of Arizona BCI event


"I enjoyed the booth with the media as well as the Eppendorf booth with all of the demonstrations." - S. L., University of Arizona BCI event


"This was a very helpful vendor show with a lot of new information." - S. P., University of Arizona BCI event


"I went to get information for a new project and get info from Zymo." - P. S., University of Arizona BCI event


"Thanks very much. I enjoyed seeing the different antibodies that are available. I saw the new centrifuge which holds 96 well plates as well as Eppendorf's tubes at the same time." - S. V., University of Arizona BCI event


"Shows like this are always interesting. The displays show all the new areas open for more research." - C. S., University of Arizona BCI event

University of Arizona, Tucson


University of
Arizona Testimonials

"This show exceeded my expectations for service to exhibitors, customer traffic, and number of quality leads. Very professional and caring staff that knew what they were doing. There was not a bad seat in the house; all vendors were in a good location. Thank you" - D. T., Exhibitor, University of Arizona BCI event

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"For this being a smaller event, I still received more interest than I have at some of the major shows. I thought this was a great venue, the room was close to researchers and they were very receptive. Please continue to have this show yearly." - B. A., Exhibitor, University of Arizona BCI event,


"Very nice show. I found several products that fit my needs exactly and I will order them soon. Nice organized product show. Love it!" - X. S., University of Arizona BCI event


"As a student working in pharmacology, events such as this one shows us the amazing technology that is available. From protein kits to gas chromatography products, this event had tables showcasing products relevant to research. I got to see and talk about tools that can really help me in the lab. I left my contact information and I am excited to show my lab manager the tools I saw. Seeing science products and speaking to fellow scientists really motivates me to continue to do research. I really enjoyed the event and the food was also great." - D. R., University of Arizona BCI event

Demonstrate Your Research Products at this University of Arizona Event

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Front Line™ Event at the University of Arizona attracted 116 attendees. Of these attendees, 22 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 24 were lab managers. These attendees came from 17 different research buildings and 33 on-campus departments.

Don’t miss your chance to market your life science solutions and products to Arizona researchers. 

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