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BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University Researcher Testimonials

"While many of the vendors were not applicable to my area of research (biomechanics) the vendors were nevertheless interesting in the products available to areas close to my research and which could therefore provide products in future research." - T. P., Thomas Jefferson University BCI event


Researchers: Attend  Thomas Jefferson Event

"It was a chance occurrence for me to come to this event and I am so glad I did! Even though I do not have an influence in ordering at my current lab, it was really cool to see the process my PI would have to go through. I was able to ask the vendors questions and walked away with knowledge I am able to discuss with my lab. This was worth the time to see what's new and improved in the science community" - S. R., Thomas Jefferson University BCI event


"I came for the free samples, food and time away from lab for a bit. I never expected to find so many related products that were of great interest to my research. I walked away with great ideas and very excited to figure out new ways to answer important questions." - C. R., Thomas Jefferson University BCI event

Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University Exhibitor Testimonials


"Biotech Calendar consistently delivers great events which provide the quality leads we need to keep our business growing." - M. F., Exhibitor, Thomas Jefferson University BCI event

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Last year's event attracted a total of 121 attendees, of which 43 were professors, post docs and purchasing agents.  Of the total attendees 16 were lab managers. The balance were research associates and postgraduate students. Attendees came from 10 different buildings and 32 different departments.


We invite you to join us and numerous researchers at our 2016 Thomas Jefferson Bioresearch Product Faire™ Event.

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