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Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™

Event at UC San Diego

University of California, San Diego Researcher Testimonials

"This is the best vendor show I have seen recently. I learned about quite a few new and useful products." - L. L., UC San Diego BCI event


"This product showcase was great! Vendors were helpful, resourceful and very interactive. Selection of vendors was fitting. I was able to get answers on troubleshooting for products I use in the lab. The variety in vendors was also great!" - C. S., UC San Diego BCI event

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"I always look forward to this excellent show each year, it brings top notch suppliers right to our door! The personnel are very friendly and goodies are on point! Thank you very much. Could use some more "micro-array" supplies/vendors next time!" - A. M., UC San Diego BCI event


"It is one of the best vendor shows I ever visited. The representatives are so nice and explanatory. Lots of variety and options of products." - M. D., UC San Diego BCI event


"All of the staff were friendly and knowledgeable. I learned about a lot of new products and promotions! The only downside was that there was not any micro array items or vendors." - B. A., UC San Diego BCI event


"Great advertising for a solid event. I was well informed about it ahead of time." - R. D., UC San Diego BCI event


"Good variety of vendors offering different products. Nice to have the preregistration option." - K. B., UC San Diego BCI event


"I work on bladder cancer on campus. I visit this vendor show to gain info on new products, get samples etc. I found out about about this show from a flyer in the lab. This was a nicely organized vendor show." - D. S., UC San Diego BCI event


"I liked the layout - condensed, yet spacious. There was also a good variety of products for different research types. Really friendly reps as well!" - N. S., UC San Diego BCI event


"I came to look at all the new products, some of which were quite interesting and useful. I really like IDT technologies and learned some very useful information from their company and about new products. I was also definitely interested in DNA Link located in Mission Bay. I want to do next generation sequencing and they were extraordinarily helpful and I may go there to visit and see for myself. Great vendor show!" - T. S., UC San Diego BCI event


"It was a very positive experience. There were a lot of vendors here today that I haven't see before." - P. C., UC San Diego BCI event


"I work on research focused on middle ear inflammation and the inner ear. I enjoyed the vendor show. I saw new product options for surgery inserts, especially the Alzet vendor, with an option for new catheters. I received new info on next gen sequencing which our lab is interested in performing. I was happy to receive such great info from the vendor reps." - K. P., UC San Diego BCI event


"Great show. I like visiting with the Millipore and Eppendorf reps the best." - S. S., UC San Diego BCI event


"This is the best show I’ve taken part in. There is so much new product information that can improve the speed of experiments and data. By the way, the food is delicious." – Y. T., UC San Diego BCI event



"The show was very well organized and the vendors were equipped with all the info I wanted to inquire about." - M. R., UC San Diego BCI event



University of California, San Diego Exhibitor Testimonials


“The Biotech Calendar show at UCSD was great. Better turn out than expected. I was very impressed with the number of genuinely interested researchers and students that came by. By far one of the better shows we have participated in." - J. K., Exhibitor, UC San Diego BCI event

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“The Biotechnology show at UCSD provided a wealth of opportunities for brand awareness and business development. The staff and environment both exceeded my expectations, and I felt very supported. We had high hopes for this show and they were met. It was refreshing to engage with so many prospects that directly related to our products and services” - A. E., Exhibitor, UC San Diego BCI event


"Wonderful array of products, especially the tool kits for cell cultures. Would love to see more NGS related products." - S. M., UC San Diego BCI event


"Awesome event - I appreciate the presence of competing companies in the same market." K. H., UC San Diego BCI event


"Had a great time, really awesome seeing the new tech and also the antibody targeting knockout models. Definitely would buy an auto pipette." - M. L., UC San Diego BCI event


"Great vendors that had compelling products. I would have liked to see more sequencing products." - H. L., UC San Diego BCI event


"I like this vendor show a lot. I can see the sales people in person to solve my problems. For example, Eppendorf rep and I talked about how to solve the problem I was having with the centrifuge in the lab." - J. Z., UC San Diego BCI event


"Great vendor show - good distribution of vendors and products. I appreciate the vendors showing new products. Food was delicious - maybe include more fruit and veggies next time. As far as vendors, it would be great to include next gen sequencing/high throughput technologies and cores." S. T., UC San Diego BCI event


"Very helpful to talk to reps and see new machines and technologies." J. K., UC San Diego BCI event


"I was impressed with the wide variety of vendors that attended the show. It is really helpful for checking out new products and comparing prices. Everything also seemed really organized." – S. B., UC San Diego BCI event

Opportunities for Lab Suppliers Working to Turn Scientific Sales Leads into Sales

Last year, the Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events at the University of California, San Diego attracted 738 attendees. Of these attendees, 235 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 100 were lab managers. These attendees came from more than 50 different research buildings and 60 on-campus departments. 


Network with active San Diego researchers by joining us at our semi-annual UCSD life science events.


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