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The BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
Rockefeller University


Rockefeller University
Researcher Testimonials

"I am a research tech/lab manager and a newish employee at Weill Cornell. I'm in a field where things are constantly changing and to progress, you really need to have a full understanding of the products and protocols available. Vendor shows help me network with professionals and gain a better understanding of my research potential. I was fascinated by the cell imaging software available from Chemometric and the Microscope adaptations offered by a few vendors, particularly in 3D imaging. I was able to find a new brand of cryorial for biopsy and tissue collection and storage.  We will likely be purchasing a few for clinical trials. I also found very reasonably priced ProtK enzymes for tissue digestion." - S. P., Rockefeller University BCI event

Researchers: Attend Rockefeller Event

"I saw a flyer for the vendor show and was interested in what products would be featured. It's important for me to learn what new products and technologies will help me perform my experiments more efficiently. To have all these products available in one event is amazing. One of the products I am interested in is the releaser by Stem Cell Technology since this is a quick way to discard differentiated stem cells. I feel that this product in particular will help me greatly with my research." - C. C.,  Rockefeller University BCI event


"I saw the event flyer and saw a few things I was interested in, such as microscopy and genotyping. I came to look at trending things such as microscopes and automated pipettes. More imaging companies would be helpful in the future, also high throughput screenings. I have a couple cards to contact the reps about demos and more information. This was Great!" - J. P.,  Rockefeller University BCI event


"I was invited to this vendor show via email and boy am I glad that I attended! I am thankful for the opportunity to learn more about Biotechnology Nucleo counter. This will be instrumental in my immunology lab for PBMC counting and processing. Great job guys!" - B. B., Rockefeller University BCI event


"The event felt friendly and comprehensive, and the provided demonstrations were informative." - C. B., Rockefeller University BCI event


"I met product vendors that were very interesting in many ways. Qiagen was our laboratory's top vendor." - L. V., Rockefeller University BCI event


"Much better than others. Vendors had new useful products." - I. M., Rockefeller University BCI event


"This show was very helpful for us and allowed us to obtain new samples to try new experiments. I also got important information about the advanced imaging equipment." - R. X., Rockefeller University BCI event

Rockefeller Hospital

Rockefeller University
Exhibitor Testimonials

"I've attended vendor shows in the past and this show exceeded my expectations. I received double the leads I typically get at other vendor shows with the majority being very high quality. You can tell the show was advertised very well. I will definitely be exhibiting with Biotechnology Calendar again." - L. M., Exhibitor, Rockefeller University BCI event

Exhibit: Rockefeller

"Hi! We had an absolutely fantastic experience today at Rockefeller! First off, the venue was gorgeous - totally exceeded expectations and the most beautiful of the year!  The onsite director was an amazing host. She could not possibly have made our experience more positive and more successful. She constantly accommodated us and was truly part of our team while we were here! I'm very grateful she was here.  Also, we made phenomenal connections at the show today.  Easily 10+ quality leads and insight into other areas/institutions that would make a great fit for our products-services. Thank you very much for everything today!!" - C. M., Exhibitor, Rockefeller University BCI event

Network with hundreds of active NY researchers

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Events at Rockefeller University attracted 271 attendees between both events. Of these attendees, 54 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 38 were lab managers. These attendees came from 25 different research buildings and 69 on-campus departments.

Meet face-to-face with Rockefeller researchers and showcase your laboratory products by joining us at our upcoming New York events.


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