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BioResearch Product Faire™
Princeton University

Meet with Researchers in this $373 Million Research Marketplace

Key Stats:


  • 2018 Total R&D Expenditures$373,593,000
  • 2018 Life Science R&D Expenditures:  $82,604,000

  • Ranked 66th for Total R&D Expenditures
  • 2020 NIH Funding$58,200,028

  • Princeton University Researchers received $3M in 2020 from the National Institute of Neurological and Stroke, to determine how the brain produces decisions based on working memory, with the goal of advancing therapeutic approaches to the treatment of mental diseases such as Alzheimer's.  The project has received over $12M in funding since 2017.

  • Researchers at Princeton University received $2.4M in 2018 from the NIH, to design odor blends used to drive mosquitoes away from humans.

  • Princeton University Researchers received $2.4M in 2019 from the NIH, to map the detailed functional connections between all neurons in the brain of a roundworm, to study how changes to functional connectivity affect behavior or lead to cognitive decline.


Demonstrate Your Research Products at the Princeton University Event

Are you ready to connect with researchers at one of the top universities in the nation? Then join us at the BioResearch Product Faire™ event at Princeton University.

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia

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