Parking Validation

At Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. we provide free parking to exhibiting companies with each exhibit table purchased.

Parking Validation

Describe what is meant by “parking validation.” Every table receives one free parking space or pass with each exhibit table purchased. We pre-reserve parking spots in close proximity to the event site, so that sales reps arriving to the event do not need locate parking, find the correct change, or make a side trip to the parking offices to purchase a vendor permit.

What is included? One parking space per exhibit table is included with the price of reserving the exhibit space.

What is not included? If your company needs multiple spaces, your must make separate arrangements. This is primarily because our prime venues are typically located in the busiest part of the research institution, where the total number of spaces that we are allowed to pre- reserve is very limited. Vendors needing additional space are encourage to contact parking services.

How does this benefit the exhibitor? Exhibitors don't have to worry about finding a parking space near the event, especially on a campus where even students and faculty have a difficult time finding places to park their cars. We always make sure to have enough so that each exhibiting companies will have a reserved parking space.

How does this benefit the researcher? More exhibitors arriving mean more choices for the  researcher. More choices mean a better fit to solve researcher problems and faster publication of results.

How does this item differ for Basic vs. Premium? There is no difference between parking for basic and premium vendors at any event. We do not pay for parking at BioResearch Product™ Front Line Event™ series.

How does this item differ for Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ (BVS), BioResearch Product Faire™ (BRPF), and Front Line Events™ series? Front Line is the only series where this service is not included in the price, but it is pre-arranged.

What is the estimated value of this item for BVS, BRPF, and Front Line series? It is approximately $50 to $80 depending on the location.

What does it take for us to provide prepaid parking for the exhibitors/what do we do to make this happen? We have established relationships with on campus parking services so that we can arrange and prepay for parking. We communicate with them, and pay in advance, to reserve a block of space for the convenience of our exhibitors.

Hopefully this has helped you get a better idea of parking benefit. We look forward to helping you promote your brand and sell your products at an upcoming Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. show!