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The BioResearch Product Faire™

The Oregon Health and Science University

July 16th, 2020


Attendance is free for science professionals.  To register, simply fill out the form on left. 

Find new lab products, improved analytical equipment, and learn about new research techniques.

Our life science biotechnology events feature a wide range of relevant and high quality vendors to ensure that you find the products you need to meet your research goals. At this event, you and your colleagues will find industry professionals and the newest laboratory technology available.

Network with other researchers and outside science professionals.

  • Meet other researchers from across campus to explore research concepts and collaborate on new ideas
  • Connect with industry professionals to get answers to your research technology questions
  • Establish new contacts and maintain and grow existing professional relationships
Learn about new research techniques and technologies.

Laboratory supply companies are a strong resource for new and improved methods and protocols surrounding their products. While you may use a technique a few times and struggle with the particulars of a specific product, the companies that produce them have entire teams dedicated to problem solving.  You can save time and money by connecting with the product experts trained by their companies to answer your questions.


"The staff was helpful and friendly. Great location for an event. Well organized Coordinator and staff." - D. R., Exhibitor, Oregon Health and Science University BCI event


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