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BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at
Ohio State University

Ohio State University Testimonials

"I was very impressed with the presentation put on by Sigma. They made very good price offers and had very high quality products." - C. A., Ohio State University BCI event 

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"This show featured a large selection of culture and protein items. It could have used more sequencing/NGS representation." - M. R., Ohio State University BCI event


"I enjoyed great food, great products, and great conversations with vendors to determine what products we need in the lab." - D. A., Ohio State University BCI event


"There was a great selection of vendors and products. It was nice to be able to speak with several reps in one location." - A. S., Ohio State University BCI event


"It was the best show I attended this year." - N. S., Ohio State University BCI event


"I appreciate the efforts being made to bring us quality products. It is important to find salesmen that are friendly and excited about their products. I appreciated their enthusiasm, especially Clinton, the vector guy. The door prizes are always great and hard to choose from. I would like to see more chromatography, MS, and NMR vendors if possible. Thank you!" - P. M., Ohio State University BCI event


"Unlike other lab demos, this had vendors specifically dealing with mouse work and in vivo experiments. This is very helpful for a lab like mine. Charles River and EMS were the most helpful vendors." - L. B., Ohio State University BCI event


"This fair was very helpful, we saw new companies with much better offers and definitely cost effective, which helps with our lab budget! Looking forward to more fairs in the future. Thanks Biotech Calendar!" - C. G., Ohio State University BCI event


"This event is well organized. There were plenty of great vendors who were friendly and helpful. There were great door prizes that made it totally worth the walk over." - A. F., Ohio State University BCI event

Researchers Attend  Ohio State Event

"Nice to see surgical instruments at a show. This is a great opportunity to see new things and actually talk with the various companies. Not too overwhelming. Nice location, I look forward to attending this event annually." - J. R., Ohio State University BCI event


"I work with a professor who works in Holography. I will give him the imaging vendor's information. I love the presentation and setup. Thank you for this opportunity" - E. R., Ohio State University BCI event


"I work with in vivo mouse studies in leukemia research, so seeing booths related to mouse work is very exciting. Charles River was very helpful and informative. The Caliber ID RS-G4 was incredible technology and very exciting to learn about. Very informative fair to expand tool and technique use!" - R. W., Ohio State University BCI event


Opportunities at the University of Ohio are Growing

Last year, the BioResearch Product Faire™ Event at Ohio State University attracted 269 attendees. Of these attendees, 83 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 37 were lab managers. These attendees came from 33 different research buildings and 42 on-campus departments.


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