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BioResearch Product Faire™

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Meet With Researchers in This $138M Life Science Marketplace

Meet virtually with active researchers in the one billion dollar MIT marketplace. Educate these researchers on your products and services while you discover their needs, help them find solutions, and build lasting relationships.

Key Stats

  • 2018 Total R&D Expenditures$964,336,000
  • Ranked 16th in Total R&D Expenditures
  • 2018 Life Science R&D Expenditures: $138,075,000
  • 2020 Total NIH funding: $113,554,200
  • MIT's Center for Cancer Research received a $3.7M support grant in 2020 from the NIH.  The Center has received over $94M in funding since 1999.
  • Researchers at MIT received $2.6M in 2020 from the National Institute of Mental Health, to research technologies that enable nanoscale mapping of proteins throughout brain circuits.
  • MIT researchers received $2.4M in 2020 from the National Institute of Mental Health, to create AI software for scientists to analyze data from large brain imaging projects.
  • Researchers at MIT received $4.5M in 2019 from the NIH, to create a molecular tool box to map spatial distribution of brain cell proteins at multiple scales. 
  • MIT researchers received $2.6M in 2019 from the NIH, to develop a new generation of viral vectors that will allow nontoxic fluorescent labeling, optical monitoring, and optogenetic manipulation of synaptically-controlled neuronal networks.

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