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The attendee list that Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. produces provides you with high-quality data that is second to none. We have one of the top-rated websites on the internet: We are classified in the top 5.3% globally. We also have many of our attendees pre-register for our one-day science product and technology events, and we have a large percentage of our audience register on the day of show.

We have teams of professionals who digitize all attendee contact information from the multi-field researcher registration forms. This information is then qualified and checked, and the contact information is double-checked. Missing phone numbers are found. A test e-mail is sent out to all the registrants, and any that bounce back are re-checked. Correct e-mail addresses are individually looked up. Any missing departments are researched and included, and missing buildings and addresses are found and included as well. The resulting contact information for each lead is presented to you in as complete a form as possible.

As a life science marketer, you are probably already aware that e-mail spam is an ongoing issue at major universities, and it is common for top universities to block senders that post a high number of e-mails to an incorrect or incomplete e-mail address. For every event attendee list, we perform a send-check to our entire list, so you minimize your risk of being classified as a spammer and are better able to reach your market, both now and in the future.

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What we do for you:

Attendees are pre-invited and pre-screened.

  • PI's, postdocs, lab managers, active researchers, administrators and purchasing agents are invited to participate.
  • Local life science professionals are invited via electronic and print announcements starting six weeks prior to an event.
  • We cover the campus on foot, going lab-to-lab to verbally invite relevant prospects.
  • At the door, attendees are pre-screened for science market relevancy.

Registrant information is inputted immediately after an event.

  • 19 fields of information provided from 19 field registrant forms that our pre-screened day-of-show attending researchers use to enter the event
  • Information checked against past and current data resources
  • Names checked and employment status confirmed
  • E-mail and phone contact information checked
  • Missing phone numbers are found

Information is tested and revised.

  • A test e-mail is sent out to all the registrants.
  • Bounce-backs are checked, and correct e-mails are found and inputted.
  • Any missing departments are found.
  • Missing buildings and addresses are found.
We send you complete, corrected information -- typically within 3 days of the event.
This ensures that the contact information for each lead is as complete as possible:

So you save time and money using our lists.

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How this benefits you:

  • Timeliness: Our 1-3 day typical lead delivery time ensures you connect while the lead is hot.
  • Cost Effective: Quality checks and detailed information ensure you don't waste your limited sales outreach time.
  • Leads Volume: 15,000 per year; typically 200-600 leads per event
  • Reach Decision Makers: At our nationwide events, we average 26-34% decision makers, including PI's, post-docs, lab managers and purchasing agents.
  • Establish Relationships Early: 80% of grad students in the sciences go on to professional careers in science.
  • Exclusivity: Paid, one-time use means these leads are not exploited dozens, hundreds or thousands of times. For more information on list usage and their restrictions, please click here.


What is included with an attendee list?

Our Premium attendee list includes these basic items:

  • Name*
  • Title*
  • Department*
  • Phone number* 
  • Researcher identifier number*

      PLUS it includes:

  • Full address
  • Attendee email address
  • Attendee product interest areas
  • Sent in XLS spreadsheet format
  • Decision maker status

*Our free Basic attendee list contains ONLY these basic items.

These lists are available for our Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™, BioResearch Product Faire™, and Front Line series. While their value is comparable to what is offered at professional societies and lead list companies for over $800, our Basic list is offered at no charge with every Basic exhibit registration package while the Extended List ranges from $195 to $450 per event. Basic and Extended lists are not available with Economy package.

It takes a team of people who enter all the show information from the registrant forms, this information is then qualified, checked, names checked, and the contact information is checked. 

Most of our competitors don't stack up with Biotechnology Calendar when it comes to attendee lists. Many of the smaller hallway shows don't provide an attendee list at all. For those that do provide a list, the wait period is long and the lists are not reviewed, researched, quality controlled or quality tested. Our lists are high quality due to the extensive time we put in before you receive them so that you do not need to spend time - or take the risk associated with high bounce backs and reputation as a spammer. We do the front end checking and corrections to make sure that the list is complete and correct so that registrants can actually be contacted.

The list review, research, correction, editing, proofing and pre-publishing process takes from 8-20 hours for a Front Line event to 30-50 hours for a Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ event.  What you pay for is quality service: What you get is quality information.


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