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 Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event at

The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)

UCLA Testimonials

"Today's UCLA show was well organized from initial interest, to all online discussion, to setup and running of the show. The location had lots of great foot traffic, allowing engagement of all sorts of researchers and others. We are looking forward to our next Biotech Cal show, with all the ones we've done this year being extremely successful." - N. S., Exhibitor, UCLA BCI event

Exhibitors UCLA Event

"This is a very good show. I get to see a lot of new products and services. Hope the show can continue at least twice annually. Diffinity Genomics had very good, new products for DNA extraction. Their rapid, simple kit only takes 2 minutes - it saves DNA cleaning time. We asked, and so we received free samples to try to see if the DNA recovery process and quality are good." - Y. D., UCLA BCI event


"Today's vendor show was exceptional. The quality of the representatives' explanations were very thoughtful and even fun! The customer relationship I had was very desirable - I would love to come back again. The staff helping were very friendly - all in all a great vendor show this week!" - J. C., UCLA BCI event


"The staff were the most friendly ones I have seen in product shows." - A., UCLA BCI event


"I am a research associate and lab manager. I attend almost every vendor show at UCLA. I believe this vendor show is the the best. There are so many vendors and new products. I will be ordering some products in the next week or two. Thank you." - W. D., UCLA BCI event


"I liked seeing new vendors at this show including X-Clarity and FB. They are related to what we are doing in our lab these days. It is good to have new vendors with their new innovative products to simplify the life of scientists." - M. A., UCLA BCI event


"I really enjoyed this show. I was able to learn about new products, companies, and technology that I feel will aid my research. I am glad that more industries were here because I found new options for products I have been using for years. Thank you very much." - N. K., UCLA BCI event


"This show is awesome as usual. I really enjoyed Millipore and UCLA Genomics Seq. Core. Awesome people, great products." - T. J., UCLA BCI event


"The biotech vendor showcase was a great environment to eat food while meeting local company reps. I found out about great deals, like cheaper pipettes and discount cards for custom oligos. Everything was in one convenient place." - J. C., UCLA BCI event


"I learned about a possible human tissue sample service to test our growth factors on from Cureline." - C. D., UCLA BCI event


"I met Zymo guys and got free sample that may be very helpful to my research. Someone told me that their products are high quality so I came particularly to see them."

- Y. L., UCLA BCI event


"I LOVE coming to the Vendor Showcases!!! I get to meet new acquaintances and see old ones, all people who care as passionately about science as my colleagues and I. It's also a great learning experience - to be able to see what's out there and what's up and coming in the science world. Science Ninjas for the win!!" - G. S., UCLA BCI event


"Patrick & Alex from FedEx were so nice. FedEx is awesome.  The event organizer was very pleasant and helpful. Very nice vendors and great products. One of the best vendor shows I have attended." - E. B., UCLA BCI event


"This vendor show was by far the best I've attended in 3 years. It was very organized and professional, with lots of great new products and door prizes." - T. J., UCLA BCI event


"The vendor show held at UCLA is really helpful to me. There are plenty of new products. It's great to see different applications and brand new technologies at the show. This show is much better arranged than most other shows at UCLA. Everyone was very nice and they not only offered me some deals and samples, they also gave me really good suggestions as well. I really enjoy the show and can't wait to come back." - Y. L., UCLA BCI event 


"I am a staff research associate at the Belpendo Lab. I help with planning experiments and ordering supplies for those experiments. This vendor show was great because I learned about updated supplies and lab equipment. We work with Millipore, so it was great to meet that representative." - A. M., UCLA BCI event 



Laboratory equipment for life science researchers at UCLA BCI event


"This vendor show is the best. They have the best selection of vendors to come out and showcase their products. I liked that I could see new products and talk to some sales representatives. I also loved the extensive buffet that the vendor show had for the attendees.  I attend this vendor show every time. Please keep this great work going!" - N. K., UCLA BCI event

Researchers: Attend  UCLA Event

"Great showcase! Awesome food and lots of friendly scientific sales representatives with great deals!" - M. M., UCLA BCI event


"I was really intrigued by all the different biotech products available. I also liked all the new products out there. I was interested in new genotyping methods and was introduced to illumina which I was fascinated about. Thank you for the great show case!" - J. N., UCLA BCI event


"I came here to bring my friend to his first vendor showcase. I love to spread the opportunity to those who are interested. I also checked in with my favorite flow cytometry company, BD. I also came to discuss our development of HLA-specific B-cell Elispot. I was able to find a company who will custom-make antibodies to our specific HLA-type antigen. I hadn't anticipated needing custom antibodies, but now we will be prepared. I (heart) vendor showcases!" - T. S., UCLA BCI event


"It was great getting to know and meet vendors that we order from frequently. I really enjoyed speaking to new vendors and learning about new products/technologies. This was a great event! Great job Science Ninjas!!" - N. H., UCLA BCI event


"The show was very informative. As a lab assistant in a tissue bank, it was great to hear about the new water cooled freezer technology. Everyone was very nice and helpful. I enjoyed the lectures as well, they were very clear and informative. It was great to see the different applications of new technology. Great Expo, very well organized. Great deals, and samples and food were a plus. I was thrilled with the whole experience and can't wait to come back next year. Better than other expos I've attended in the past." - N. N., UCLA BCI event


"I work for the department of medicine at UCLA. I have been attending this vendor show for 2 years. This year, I particularly enjoyed the large variety of vendors showing their products. There was a new product available for every project I was currently working on. There was also a greater variety of food for vegetarians. Will definitely be returning next year." - P. I., UCLA BCI event


"I really enjoyed the show. It was nice to see the different products/prices that the different companies have. I liked that the companies gave samples so that you can test them out and find the best ones for your lab. It is great to get to know the scientific sales reps for the same reason." - M. M., UCLA BCI event


"I came to the show for Zymo Research. I got lots of information on new products to purchase and also found some cheaper products, and lots of samples! I enjoyed talking to company reps to learn more about what they are offering." - N. T., UCLA BCI event


"The show provided different vendors, companies, and new products for scientific researchers. They did well representing new items that could be applied in the lab. The free gifts were very sweet to attract people, especially students who enjoy the show when they finish their work in the morning. It was also a good opportunity to help students get to know other researchers and colleagues." - S. Z., UCLA BCI event


"I am a staff research associate that helps select products for my experiments and my lab. I have been to a few other vendor shows, but this is the latest I've been to a show. I still was able to talk to the vendors I wanted and see products, so I will probably come to the next one." - S. N., UCLA BCI event

Demonstrate Your Research Products at the UCLA Event

Last year, the Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Events at the University of California, Los Angeles attracted a total of 726 attendees between both events. Of these attendees, 177 were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 119 were lab managers. These attendees came from 46 different research buildings and 80 on-campus departments. 

We invite you to be a part of the semiannual Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ events at UCLA.


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