Direct Access to Researchers

At Biotechnology Calendar, terms like "direct access to researchers" are part of our everyday vocabulary. We realize that this may not be the case for most people, so our mission here is to make it as clear as possible.

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What does it mean to have “direct access to researchers?” This means that exhibitors get face-to-face time with their target audience: life science researchers. Researchers will be coming to the exhibitors; there is no worry about the security in the buildings or not being able to see someone because they are somewhere else on campus.

What is included? You get their full attention, not to mention access after the show with the mailing list we compile.  

What is not included? You don't get to go to their house, and you don't go to their lab (unless you are invited there by them). Usually an appointment will be made after the show for more follow-up information.

How does this benefit the exhibitor? This gives exhibitors the chance to present their products to the researchers on their own turf, where they feel safe and comfortable.  Particularly for academics, they tend to feel safest in their own environment.  In this environment, exhibitors can better explain the ins, outs, benefits of their product. Also, the researchers are there without the distraction of being in the lab itself and feeling interrupted in their work; exhibitors have a more focused researcher in front of them.

How does this benefit the researcher? It's great for researchers because they can find better tools to do their research and work. They can see all the latest innovations and cutting edge new applications.

How does this item differ for Basic vs. Premium? None.

How does this item differ for Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ (BVS), Bioresearch Product Faire™ (BRPF), and Front Line Events series? There is no difference. We'll get you those people one way or another!

What is the estimated value of this item for BVS, BRPF, and Front Line series? Priceless; you can’t put a price on face-to-face interaction.  It is the best way to meet researchers and allows them to have a face with a company name. It is the best way to deal with the competition and build a relationship with your customer. This is very hard to do over the phone; one meeting in person is worth five phone calls. Not only that, those researchers that they are getting access to are some of the higher decision makers as well.

What does it take for us to provide this item for the exhibitors/what do we do to make this happen? We make sure everyone on campus is aware of the event and make it easy for them to come and get to the show. We do all the posturing, emails, bring invitations, make phone calls, do the printing and create the artwork. We inform researchers of the set up of the actual show itself, make sure there is enough of the type of food there that the researchers like, have great door prizes, and make sure that the event is seen as a benefit to the researchers.

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Hopefully this has helped you get a better idea of what direct access to researchers means. We look forward to helping you promote your brand and company at your next Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. show!